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i dont hate him, but i dont like him either

Hate to break it to you, but his attitude towards Korra didn’t shift until after she helped him and Bolin win the pro-bending match. Therefor, this claim is bullshit.

“You’re the Avatar and I’m an idiot” = “I feel stupid for assuming you were a dumb fangirl because, with you being the Avatar, you’re obviously interested in the fighting rather than my brother”. He didn’t spin around, slack jawed and bug eyed, with a completely different tune—if anything, Bolin reacted to her title with more awe and as though she were for special for it. Afterwards, when Bolin is showing Korra a few moves, Mako isn’t treating her any differently. He is still aloof and hard to impress. He even shakes his head at Korra’s attitude and gives the old, “Whatever. You kids have fun. Later”.

Even later on, he is completely against the idea of having Korra replace Hasook on their team as their waterbender. If he was so impressed with her Avatar title, then wouldn’t he have accepted her on the team without much argument, especially when the reward money means so much to him and Bolin’s well being? Instead, he treats her callously, like any regular person, saying he’d rather forfeit. While Korra is confident in her bending and competitive abilities as the Avatar, Mako isn’t assured. What does that tell you? How is he “giving her the time of day” in this scene, even after he’s fully aware of her status? However, in the end Korra pushes herself onto the team, and Mako still treats her as though he is below her, nothing special: “I didn’t agree to this!”, “this girl is crazy”, all the while chastising her during their actual match. His guard is still way up around this foreign girl.

It’s only after she proves her skills and loyalty and willingness to earnestly aide him in his brother (the latter meaning the absolute world to him) does Mako start to see her in a different light. But even then he doesn’t come to fully appreciate her until their developments in episode 3.

And I’ve rattled on about this long enough.

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    More importantly, the use of “literally” would imply that she actually asked him what time it was and he ignored her. :P...
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    PFFFT oh kylie i love you
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    guys. GUYS. who gives a fuck.
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